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Maximize your tax returns and explore appropriate ways to minimize your tax burden with assistance from Zunic Advisory Services. Let us put over 32 years of experience to work for you by handling your taxes and making it less difficult and confusing. Whether you're an individual, a corporation, or a partnership, we can help you with your taxes.


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  • Businesses and partnerships

  • Personal

  • Non-profit

  • E-filing

  • Extension filing

  • Estimated tax payments

  • Exploring appropriate tax breaks

  • IRS and state audit assistance

  • Prior year filings

  • Tax planning and strategies

  • Year-round tax planning and advice

  • State returns

  • Multi-state returns

  • Federal returns

  • Local taxes

  • Maximum refunds

  • Filing services

  • 990S

  • 1040

  • 1065

  • 1099

  • 1120 and 1120S


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